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Ashish Singh

SEBI Registered Research Analyst Registration No. INH000014340

  • Ashish Singh is a SEBI registered Research Analyst holding registration no. INH000014340 under the SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014.
  • The Research Analyst owns the
  • The Research Analyst makes research-based recommendations on various opportunities in the Indian equity market for the short and long term.
  • The Research Analyst has never been suspended or barred from doing business by SEBI or any other authority, nor has SEBI ever cancelled my certificate of registration.
  • The Research Analyst does not provide merchant banking, investment banking, investment adviser, or brokerage services.
  • The Research Analyst has not partnered with any third-party intermediaries for execution or distribution services. As a result, I receive no compensation for execution or distribution services.
  • Regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information (including news, pricing, statistics, analysis, and the like) offered through my website, Ashish Singh makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee. The Research Analyst and its affiliates are not responsible for any decisions made or actions performed as a result of using the information provided here. Access to the material on this website isn't meant to be and shouldn't be seen as an offer to purchase or sell any security. It also shouldn't be seen as establishing any kind of contractual relationship between the Research Analyst and anybody who uses or acts on the information on this website. This website's original writing, including but not limited to the design, text, and images, are protected as intellectual property and may not be used in whole or in part in any way by copying, reproducing, transmitting, displaying, or otherwise. While every effort has been made to ensure the authenticity of this website, the Research Analyst, its employees, and authorised representatives disclaim all liability for any person or entity who directly or indirectly suffers consequential losses, damages, or claims of any kind as a result of any flaw, error, or inaccuracy that unintentionally crept into this website or uses the information on this website in any other way. Despite all reasonable precautions taken by the Research Analyst to prevent hacking and other interference, this website is not immune to these risks. As with any other website, Ashish Singh disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage a user may experience as a result of any alteration or manipulation of any data or information accessed through or downloaded from this website.
  • The information and data on, including but not limited to recommendations, past performance, stock ratings, and research rationale, are provided solely for educational and illustrative purposes. The performance figures are calculated using a standard methodology and do not account for transaction fees or other related costs. The Research Analyst has not audited or validated the data used to calculate historical returns and other information, which is provided by exchange-approved third-party data vendors.
  • All information available on GeniResearch are intended to assist investors with their decision-making and should not be construed as a recommendation or solicitation for a particular investment or investment plan. Investors are accountable for their investing decisions and for validating any information used to make those decisions. Investors should recognise that their investment decisions are based on their individual financial needs, and that the performance information available on GeniResearch is just one of many factors that should be considered before making an investment decision. Past performance is not indicative of future results, and is subject to market risk. Before investing, investors should carefully examine all relevant papers, such as research reports, financial statements, etc., as investments in the securities market are susceptible to market risks. Derivatives are sophisticated financial instruments. Before actually trading in derivative contracts, the investor is required to analyse all relevant risk considerations.
  • In no way does the Research Analyst promise or guarantee a favourable outlook for a particular industry, sector, or business group. Before investing, the investor must assess all risk variables, including their financial position.
  • The analysts/representatives for various Research recommendations certify that all information/material therein accurately reflects their personal opinions about the subject company or companies and their securities, and that no portion of their compensation has been, is being, or will be related in any way to the company(ies) they recommend in their research analyses/reports. No part of this content may be copied or transferred in any way without the company's prior written approval.
  • Acceptance of this disclosure and disclaimer report is implied by the act of browsing and reading the content. Strictly Reserved. Registered office of Ashish Singh is at KH 206/2, Gali No.4, Raghunathpuri Bagu, Taj Highway, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 201009
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