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Disclaimer and Disclosure Statement of Research Report/Recommendation: (ASHISH SINGH: INH000014340)

(a) The recommendations provided in this report are based on information we believe to be reliable.; (b) Unless otherwise specified, the recommendations provided herein are based on a 12-month horizon.; (c) Investment ratings or recommendations and returns are based on absolute positive and negative returns.; (d) Security prices may rise or fall based on certain market conditions after following our recommendations.; (e) We may revisit ratings or recommendations due to valuations, returns, lack of clarity, or events.; (f) Our opinions are subject to change, and we have no obligation to inform clients when our opinions and recommendations change.; (g) Clients should be aware of the risks involved in the stock market, which may lead to partial or permanent loss of portfolio or investment during certain market conditions.; (h) We strictly adhere to the rules of the SEBI Research Analyst Regulations, 2014, and do not provide any investment advisory/PMS services.

Analyst Certification: (ASHISH SINGH: INH000014340)

I ASHISH SINGH , PGDFM, am an Individual Research Analyst”. This research report accurately reflects the personal views of the research analysts employed by “ASHISH SINGH” regarding any of the subject issuer(s), company(ies), or securities. Research Analyst has compiled this report using information available to the public and sources we consider reliable. Additionally, I certify that my compensation has no direct or indirect relationship with this report's specific recommendations or views.

The analysts involved in the preparation of this report, or their relatives and associates: (ASHISH SINGH: INH000014340)

(a) do not have any financial interests in the subject company mentioned in this report; (b) do not own 1% or more of the equity securities of the subject company mentioned in the report as of the last day of the month preceding the publication of the research report; (c) do not have any material conflict of interest at the time of publication of the report.

The analysts involved in the preparation of this report or their relatives and associates: (ASHISH SINGH: INH000014340)

(a) have not received any compensation from the subject company in the past twelve months; (b) have not managed or co-managed public offerings of securities for the subject company in the past twelve months; (c) have not received any compensation for investment banking, merchant banking, or brokerage services from the subject company in the past twelve months; (d) have not received any compensation for products or services other than investment banking, merchant banking, or brokerage services from the subject company in the past twelve months; (e) have not received any compensation or other benefits from the subject company or third party in connection with the report; (f) have not served as an officer, director, or employee of the subject company; (g) are not engaged in market-making activity for the subjectcompany; (h) subject company wasn't a client during twelve months preceding the date of distribution of the research report and there is no services provided to subject company; (i) shall review the third party research report for any untrue statement of material fact or any false or misleading information.

Disciplinary History: (ASHISH SINGH: INH000014340)

There has been no instance of any Disciplinary action, penalty, etc. levied/passed by any regulation/administrative agencies against “ASHISH SINGH” and its Partners or associates.

Terms & Conditions & Risk Disclosures: (ASHISH SINGH: INH000014340)

Important Information Regarding Research Reports and Recommendations At “ ASHISH SINGH”, we prioritize delivering dependable and precise research reports and recommendations to our registered clients. We rely on genuine data and information from reliable sources, including publicly available data. Our Reports are carefully reviewed to ensure accuracy and prevent misleading statements. It is important to note that all of our research reports and recommendations serve an informational purpose only. Please note that this document should not be considered an offer to buy, sell, hold, or subscribe to any securities or financial instruments. Please note that “ ASHISH SINGH”, along with its partners, employees, officers, and affiliates, cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from any unintentional errors in the information presented in the research report or recommendations.

Investing in capital markets comes with built-in risks, and investors need to know their personal risk tolerance. Before making any decisions based on our research reports, it's recommended that you speak with a financial advisor. Our reports are not customized to any specific investment goals, financial situations, or individual needs. Clients who obtain our research reports and recommendations should act based on their financial position and risk appetite while keeping in mind the risks associated with capital markets.

Warning: “Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.”
Market Risk: “Market risks refers to partial or permanent loss of Investments or portfolios in adverse market conditions or company events..”
The Securities Quoted Are For Illustration Only And Are Not Recommendatory.

“Registration granted by SEBI, membership of a SEBI recognized supervisory body (if any), and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.”

Past performance is not indicative of future results. "All videos are solely for educational purposes, I don't have any vested interest in any stocks/securities except for educational purposes. If I have any vested interest in any securities after my recommendations will be communicated to all our clients through electronic/digital/internet media.
Other Disclosure of Research Analyst (ASHISH SINGH: INH000014340)

Ashish Singh ” Provides an option data analysis tool via for informational and educational purposes only use of the analysis tool does not guarantee any specific outcome or result.

Major Social media presence via YouTube, telegram channel and Twitter in the name of StockGeni, GeniResearch, and Ashish Singh.

ASHISH SINGH, PGDFM, is an Individual Research Analyst; “ ASHISH SINGH” is an Individual Research Analyst having SEBI Registration Number: INH000014340; Address: KH 206/2 Gali No 4 RaghunathPuri, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 201009, India; Correspondence Address: KH 206/2 Gali No 4 RaghunathPuri, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 201009, India. Validity: Jan 07, 2024 - Perpetual; Visit: for more T&C, complaints and compliance details.

Contact Compliance Officer: Name: ASHISH SINGH

Email:; PH: +91 8375899800; If not satisfied with the response of the research analyst you can lodge your grievances with SEBI Scores: & SEBI ODR: login and SEBI Office Toll-Free No: 1800 22 7575 or 1800 266 7575; If “ ASHISH SINGH”, and its partners, employees or associates promise any assurance/guarantee of return on your Investments please immediately complaint to our Compliance Officer of “ ASHISH SINGH” and SEBI to stop such malpractices

Payment Notice: All Fee Payments Made By The Client For Research Analyst Services Provided By The “ASHISH SINGH” Shall Necessarily Be Through “ASHISH SINGH” Websites/Payment Links And In “ASHISH SINGH” Bank Account For Fee Collection. Any Payment Made Outside The “ASHISH SINGH” Bank Account Shall Not Be Considered As Payment Towards Research Analyst Services By “ASHISH SINGH” And No Complaints/Grievances In This Regard Shall Be Entertained By “ASHISH SINGH”

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